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Sierra Funds Recovery Inc. (SFR) is a legal research and funds recovery firm. We locate funds that are listed as unclaimed by Federal U.S. Government sources and work to recovery those funds to the rightful party.

The privacy of our clients is very important to us. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

SFR is glad to share information with our clients and to be open and honest about the process we undertake for your benefit.

SFR charges a contingency fee based on a percentage of the total amount of recovered funds. Clients are not charged any up-front fees. We only accept our fee only after the funds have been successfully recovered. SFR assumes any costs associated with a recovery, including research fees, postage, court fees and attorney fees that may accrue in the course of a recovery.

SFR has a service agreement with our clients. The service agreements states what we will do with the case, and makes it clear to the client what our agreement is limited to.

We do not handle funds recovery for assets that may easily be recovered by an individual. There are many web sites that claim to divulge and locate unclaimed funds. Many of these businesses provide information that is easily obtained by an individual through state and county web sites. SFR does not do this kind of business. We concentrate on recovering funds where the process of recovery is much more complex and potentially expensive to a business or individual. Please view our Links to Further Information that will help to show the breadth of unclaimed fund sources out there.

We appreciate any comments or suggestions that you may have. SFR is a service business, we are dedicated to that service.

For more information or comments email us: Information@SierraFR.com


"It's your money. We can get it back for you"
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