“Have you been contacted by our office regarding unclaimed funds?”
"Are you curious about unclaimed funds recovery?"

If you have been contacted by us you may be entitled to money held by the government - money you may not be aware of nor understand how to recover.

Sierra Funds Recovery (SFR) is an independent legal research and asset recovery firm. We specialize in the recovery of lost or dormant funds held by the Federal U.S. Government.

Ø  In over 85% of the unclaimed funds we research, the owners of the funds would not be able to recover the money without the help of an attorney or using the services of our firm.

Ø  The services of an attorney to properly present your claim can be costly and Attorneys must be paid whether or not the recovery is successful.

Ø  SFR has the specialized knowledge required to properly present your claim.

Ø  We only receive compensation for our work if we are successful in collecting the money.

Ø  Clients can rely on us to be approachable, responsive, efficient, and effective. We respond promptly to inquiries, take an active role in each and every case, report regularly on case developments, and stay on top of changes in the law.

We appreciate any comments or suggestions that you may have. SFR is a service business; we are dedicated to that service.

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